How I Restored My Relationship With Myself & Started My Online Business

Did you ever feel like the life you’re living is not yours or maybe that no matter what you did there’s that ache in your heart that something is missing?!

By the time I was 26, I was married for 6 years and a mother of 1.5 years old twins. I left my career to take care of my babies and moved to a new country with my husband seeking a brighter future.

On the outside it seemed like I had it all together, I was happily married, lived an active social life, and was exploring different passions.

But on the inside, things were far away from this reality. I was aching! Everything seemed to be a challenge… getting out of bed in the morning, staying present with my kids, or even having a conversation with my husband without being triggered seemed impossible.

As I saw my reflection in the mirror I wondered, “Who is this person? What’s wrong with me? And why am I not happy?”

It was then that I realized that at some point in my life I gave up on my dreams, I devalued my needs and desires and I cared more about getting the approval of others. I didn’t have the courage to trust myself. In fact, it got to a point where I didn’t even know what my desires and values were anymore. None of my choices were truly mine.

I suffered from a lack of self-worth. And as a perfectionist, I was addicted to people-pleasing, but no amount of other’s approval could make me feel that I was good enough.

Then in 2009, I got the final wake up call. I lost my dear friend very unexpectedly. She was a mother of 2 with another on the way, young, and healthy. From there, I spiraled down into depression. I didn’t want to waste another minute living in the shadows.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi

If I could die tomorrow, I want to live knowing that I was true to myself, expressed my love to my family, lived fully, freely, and made a real difference in the world.

It was up to me to find a way out. No one was coming to save me.

Therapy allowed me to heal and start rebuilding my relationship with myself. During the same time, I was introduced to the world of self-development & coaching. My experience with coaching was so profound that I became interested in developing it as a skill. I learned and developed tools that helped me find the courage within me, build my confidence, and heal my relationship with my family & the world around me. Coaching was the means that I used to revive my life and evolve in ways that are true to me. It also opened the door of entrepreneurship as a way for me to build the lifestyle and have the impact that I want.

From that point on I never looked back. I made it my mission to carve my path on my own terms and trust that no matter how hard it may get I will always find the way.

I was able to have more empathy with my family and friends, and build stronger relationships than ever in my life. I began my entrepreneurship journey and helped others believe, rise up, and take the lead of their lives and businesses. I started building my skills, and have since healed my codependency and successfully built my online business.

If you’d like to learn how I got from pleasing, perfecting, and performing to knowing what is true for me at any moment, join me for a session to find out how we can work together.